Broiler Chickens

We manage two flocks of broilers (chickens for meat, not eggs) a year. The first batch is from May to end of June, and the second batch is from July to beginning of September. We get the first batch as 4 week old chicks, which have been started in a barn. When they arrive on our farm, they go straight onto the pasture with open faced sheds for shelter. The second batch arrives the day after they hatch. 

(Broiler chicks at a day old)


They are kept in our insulated barn for approximately 3-4 weeks until they are mature enough to handle the outdoors. They are periodically let out into a small yard at about 2 weeks of age to accustom them to the environment. They are moved out to sheds on pasture, and the sheds are moved every 2 days to allow the chickens access to fresh grass and pecking grounds. 

In summer 2015, Pigeon Lake Poultry Processing will take care of our custom processing. You can find a link to their Facebook page here. Our fresh poultry product sales are only two days a year; hosted at Lone Stone Farms. Chicken is still available for purchase and ordering after the fresh market days if you are unable to join us on those dates.

(Broiler chicks on pasture, resting in the shed, 2014)