We raise one batch per year, which is made of two different age groups. The first is bought in June when they are 4 weeks old. We buy them at this age because they are hardier and risk of death is greatly decreased. It is very difficult to raise young turkeys if you do not have the adequate setup. They require a certain temperature and protection from the weather. There is second group of turkeys bought at a later time to increase the variety of sizes that we have available to consumers. The turkeys are processed in September with second batch of chickens, also at Pigeon Lake Poultry Processing

(Juvenile turkeys dusting/bathing in the sand)

We raise the turkeys on pasture with open faced sheds for wind and weather protection. There are roosts within the sheds to allow the turkeys to practice natural roosting behaviour. The sheds are typically moved once a week and stay cleaner for a loner period of time than the chicken sheds because turkeys roam the pen while the chickens are more inclined to stay near shelter.

The turkeys are provided with free access to water and a poultry ration feed. They are contained and protected from predators with snow fence, predator wire, and electric wire. 


(Mature male turkeys)