About Our Family

Triple Lyoness Farm is family run and operated by Rod and Janet Carlyon and their three daughters; Andria, Jessica and Briana. It is located near the hamlet of Dapp, Alberta, which is a hour and a half north of Edmonton. The farm was started in 1989 with the purchase of the two home quarters, a few hundred chickens and steers. Since then, the flocks and herds have grown in number and have also expanded to include turkeys, a cow-calf herd and the creation of our website in 2015! It was time for our farm to become part of the web, and part of the online agriculture database.

Our Vision:

  • To sell our meat products directly to consumers which enables us to develop relationships and allow consumers to gain knowledge about how their food is produced and the capabilities of small rural farming businesses

  • Increase consumers familiarity with how we produce our beef, chicken, turkey, and crops

  • Produce welfare friendly food products by following welfare friendly standards for animal care and handling

  • Produce quality, functional food that everyone can enjoy

Our Goals: 

  • Increase sustainable practices - riparian zone protection, shelter belts from trees, water systems powered by solar panels, maintaining tree stands for wildlife habitats, pasture rotation to increase longevity and quality of forage, use of manure and mineral fertilizer

  • Improve relations and knowledge transfer between consumers and farmers

  • To allow people to know more about the people and the products of rural farms 

Staying Current:

Blog: Our blog is updated in a rotation by all five family members. This is where you can learn more about each of us and how the farm is doing. 

Facebook: We have a Facebook page! Newly created in the spring of 2016, we find its a fun way to share more photos of the day-to-day activities on the farm.

Twitter: Andria, Jessica and Briana each have a Twitter account - we like to tweet and retweet about the agriculture industry, our own interests and our family adventures.


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