Ordering Our Meat Products

Our 2019 Fresh Chicken Market is July 12 - Mark your Calendars! In the meantime, we have limited stock of chicken, a few turkeys and some beef steaks and roasts available frozen for you to order. 

Click on the products (All, Beef, Chicken or Turkey) in the drop down list to view and select products. To place your order, select the product you wish to order, choose the quantity and date available and select add to cart. When you've completed your order, go to check out, fill in your contact information and place your order.

Note: Currently due to technical issues, all prices are $0.00 and in your checkout it will state your order is free. Please refer to the price per kg in the description and the cost will be determined upon product selection. 

Fresh Markets only occur a couple times a year so keep your eyes open for our newsletter to find out when our products will be ready! If you are new to our farm, and would like to receive our newsletter, please go to our newsletter page and subscribe!

We will send out a newsletter when we have beef products available, as we only get the beef processed at various times throughout the year. 

Chicken and Beef Banner


Prices are subject to change without notice, they can be found in the products description. All of our prices are in $/kg. Orders are accepted with all our products priced at $0.00. The final price of $0.00 shown at the end of your checkout does not equal the actual cost of your order. The final payment due will be determined at time of pick-up or delivery.
All our products are sold by weight, therefore the total cost of your products can not be determined until the products are picked up and all the prices of each individual product is added up.