Custom Butcher

We offer custom butchering for pork, turkey and beef. 

Derrick Rimmer, Andria's husband is a NAIT trained butcher with years of experience from small meat shops to large processors. His expertise enables Triple Lyoness to offer this option to individuals and families looking for special cuts, value-based bulk purchases and more variety for sausages and smoked products.  

Our farm has received the On Farm Slaughter Operators License from the Alberta Government, which enables us to harvest and process livestock right on our farm and sell direct to the consumer. It completely eliminates the stress of transportation and a new place when we take livestock to a provincially inspected facility. The animal is comfortable until the end.   

We sell you, the consumer the 'live' animal prior to the harvest date. We will harvest the animal and you have the choice of trusting us to process it, taking the carcass home to do yourself or to another meat shop. 

Contact us if you are interested in learning more.