1. Where is Triple Lyoness Farm located?

  • We are 20 minutes north of Westlock. Call or email us for directions

2.  Do you deliver or ship?

  • We do deliveries or meetups in Westlock, Edmonton and the surrounding areas. We do not ship our products. 

       3.  Do you use antibiotics or hormones?

  • All chicken and turkey is completely free of hormones (as is the rest of Canada!) and antibiotics. Our cattle and hogs are hormone free as well, and we only use antibiotics as-needed to treat sick livestock. 

4. What does pasture raised mean?

  • On our farm operation it means that the majority of the animals life is spent on pasture with free access to graze/eat grass. For the poultry, they are started in barns until they are large enough to move outdoors in the summer. During our cold Alberta winters, the cattle and hogs are provided shelter and free access to forages. 

5. How is my order received and packaged? 

  • Your order is received by either Janet or Andria, inventory is checked to ensure product availability and then we select each product by hand. We box or bag up the products and transport them in coolers for deliveries. 

6. How can I cook this cut of meat? 

  • Ask us! We've cooked almost all of them and have some great family recipes that we would love to share with you. 

7. Why is all your meat products frozen?

  • We raise and finish our animals seasonally (summer and fall) and to ensure availability year round, we freeze products as soon as possible for longer shelf life.

8. Are your methods and processing humane? 

  • Yes, this is very important to us. We care for our livestock to ensure that they are comfortable and utilize low-stress handling methods. Both ourselves and off-farm inspected facilities dispatch each animal quickly and safely.