The Farm

We want our customers to know more about our sustainable productions methods, what we do to be efficient, how we treat animals with respect, promote animal welfare, and how we're working towards being more environmentally friendly.

Animal Care and Welfare Program:

We are working towards becoming SPCA Certified - We are meeting standards and continue to look for better ways to care and handle animals.

The Five Freedoms as stated by the Alberta SPCA and some examples of how we provide the five freedoms to our livestock:

1. Freedom from hunger and thirst - We provide access to quality feed and clean water. We check feed conditions and top off feed daily or twice a day.

2. Freedom from pain, injury, and disease - We provide treatment of injuries and illnesses and practice prevention methods by vaccinating, providing shelter, ensure access to adequate food and water and provide extra care to animals that are beginning to look poor. We conduct regular maintainence of fences and equipment to eliminate hazards. 

3. Freedom from distress - Our poultry pens are built with snow fences, electric wire, predator deterrents and roofs provide protection to chickens and turkeys from aerial and ground predators (ravens and coyotes). Our cattle are handled in a calm manner to decrease stress experienced when sorting or when weaning. 

4. Freedom from discomfort - All of our pastures and pens have more than enough room for the residing livestock (low stocking densities). Shelter is provided for cattle in the form of forests and shelter belts. In the winter, we also provide straw bedding in an area that is protected with wind fences.

5. Freedom to express behaviours that promote well-being - We have fenced pastures for chickens and turkeys to provide grass, insect hunting grounds and areas for 'dirt baths'. The cattle herds are able to roam and socialize with each other. The cows are given enough space to find privacy for calving.

Feed Production:

Most summer feed is provided through grazing grass on pastures. To feed our livestock in the winter, our hay fields and cereal crops are harvested in summer and fall and storedfor later consumption. We do purchase some grain and straw bedding from our neighbours. All of our poultry feed, beef minerals and supplements is purchased from Champion Feed Services Ltd.

Alberta Environmental Farm Plan:

Our farm applied for the Environmental Farm Plan in 2004. Since then we have implemented shelter belts, riparian areas, and solar powered watering systems. Visit our Environment page for more information. 

Farm Safety:

Developed a farm safety and management manual in fall of 2014. As a farm we aim to increase knowledge about how to operate machinery safely, proper handling of livestock and how to deal with emergencies and non-emergency issues. As a result we see an increase in productivity and a decrease in work place injuries to humans and to our livestock.