Triple Lyoness Farm is family run and operated by the three Carlyon daughters; Andria, Jessica, Briana, and their parents; Rod and Janet Carlyon. We created the name Triple Lyoness to represent the three Carlyon daughters and used the triangle in the logo because it represents the strength of our family. Our family is proud to raise pasture finished beef and free range chickens and turkeys. 

Together, we maintain a small rural farming business that is not specialized in one area of agriculture. Instead, we choose to be diverse and have many different means of production. As the main operators, Rod and Janet are the core to a successful enterprise providing constant care to the animals, record keeping, and labour. The three daughters have contributed in many ways throughout school and are now working together to continually contribute to the farm.

You can read more about our family on the About Us page. To learn more about the meat products we're selling and how to order them, go to the Order Here page. 


 Heifer Calves

(Feeding time for beef cattle March 2015)