A Night Out on the Town June 7, 2016 07:30

Hey Readers, it's Briana posting, from out in a field...


The job has kept me away from the farm, but the short days that I've been home, or the hours I have worked towards our farm have been so rewarding. The farm is where my heart is.

The best part of what I do everyday, is spreading the knowledge of farming. People are interested! I keep some people up to date on how the spring goes as far as calving, seeding, and how the rain is affecting everyone.


In my first blog I talked about my job, and what I do off of the farm. Something that interests me everyday are the weeds that I walk by, that I identify and that are invading everywhere. From chickweed to hemp nettle, from volunteer canola to wild mustard, there are many weeds out there that are infiltrating fields and affected crop yield. Many of the weeds I see are not only seen as weeds, but as food for consumption--by you and I. Lambs-quarters is the main weed that everyone debates eating. Definitely not the only edible weed. I went out for supper one night last week, and work had followed me. The appetizer I ordered was covered in little green things! ( Note: A broad leaf plant grows cotyledons first, whereas grasses  literally grow a 'first leaf'.) So, on top of my meatballs, there were these little green cotyledons. And I just had to laugh. I identified wild mustard, lambs-quarters, and chickweed. The wild mustard looks very similar to canola! It tastes slightly more sharp, like your regular store bought yellow mustard.

These initial leaf like parts of the plants, the cotyledons, look a certain way based on what weed it is. Some of the weeds I scout for are very specific and some, are very... cute. Look up Stork's Bill and Round Leaved Mallow!


Also, follow me on twitter to get my crop scout tips! Including making friends with cute dogs, and collecting golfballs. So far my summer count is 50, which should allow me to practice at the driving range for a few hours at least this summer.