Mental Health and Gratefulness October 10, 2020 23:28

Mental health has become a common topic to talk about or share on social media. From my interactions with peers, coworkers, family and friends, it seems that the stigma has decreased greatly over the past couple years. 

However, it can be extremely challenging and frightening to admit while you are experiencing any mental illness; stress, anxiety, depression or grief. I'm extremely grateful this Thanksgiving weekend to have an amazing support system of good people around me that I know I can lean on. For little day-to-day frustrations and longer periods of grief, my people are there for me. Sometimes it's a hug, a conversation, and sometimes when I have no idea what I need, it's just that small reassurance to know someone loves me. 

In the farming community, struggling with mental health is a scary topic to bring up. Farmers are 'supposed' to work dawn to dusk, feeding and caring for livestock in all conditions, rarely taking a break or dealing with whatever weather mother nature throws their way. It's a tough job, rewarding but tough. 

This fall, while you are enjoying time with your closest friends and family, I hope you have a moment to reflect. I hope you have many reasons to be grateful and I hope one of them is your mental health. 

If you want to support mental health initiatives, the goal of World Health Organization's 2020 campaign is to increase investment. It can be on the global scale, your country, or in your community. Invest if you can.

If you need help, please take a deep breath and reach out. You got this.

1-833-456-4566 toll free

All day. Every day. Any time. 


Thanks for reading,